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PA State Representative Sara Innamorato's Stance on the Hydrogen Hub

PA State Representative Sara Innamorato's Hydrogen Hub Stance 

The below information is sourced from the Pittsburgh Works Press Release on May 23, 2023.
​Introduction: The two candidates for Allegheny County Executive have different visions for the economic future of the county and the region. This information is based on the answers they submitted on May 1 to a candidate questionnaire from Pittsburgh Works Together.

Natural Gas Industry: Do you support a ban on natural gas drilling and production in Allegheny County?

  • Innamorato: Yes

  • Rockey: No

Background: No country has reduced its carbon emissions more than the United States, thanks to increase use of natural gas over the past 15 years. It has also helped decrease air pollution as well. From a local perspective, in addition to the jobs and land-lease payments associated with the industry, impact fees paid by the natural gas industry to Allegheny County and each of its 130 municipalities over the past five years have totaled more than $13.5 million. That money can be used in areas such as housing, social services, and tax reduction.


Hydrogen Hub: Do you support the construction of a hydrogen hub in Southwestern Pennsylvania using natural gas as the feedstock along with carbon capture and storage technology?

  • Innamorato: No

  • Rockey: Yes

Background: The Biden administration has designated $8 billion for development of hydrogen hub projects around the country to explore using hydrogen as a non-carbon emitting energy source. The Team PA Foundation, with the support of Gov. Shapiro, has submitted a proposal to the Department of Energy, which it describes as “a collective vision for emissions reduction and economic revitalization driven by increased GDP, the creation of new family-sustaining jobs, an expanded and shared concept for community-level investments, and new business opportunities for local supply chains."

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