Press Release: Scott Wagner Doesn't Want Unions in His Company

August 22, 2018

 CONTACT: Darrin Kelly, 

Scott Wagner Caught Saying He Doesn’t Want Unions in His Company

Refuses to Release Tax Returns in Effort to Keep Unions Out

Pittsburgh, PA – Despite feigning support for private sector unions on the campaign trail, Scott Wagner was caught telling voters that he won’t release his tax returns because he doesn’t want his workers at his companies to join a union. Wagner is afraid that once his employees learn how much he’s pocketing, they’ll want to join a union and earn their fair share.

“Scott Wagner was caught red-handed telling voters that he doesn’t want his workers represented by a union. We believe he is now telling the truth about his views on labor because nobody in Harrisburg has been more anti-union and anti-worker than him,” Allegheny – Fayette County Central Labor Council President Darrin Kelly said. “Scott Wagner likes to pretend he supports private sector unions in order to get votes in Western Pennsylvania, be we know it is all a lie. This November, the men and women of organized labor will be sending Mr. Wagner a message that every worker – even Penn Waste Employees – have a right to join a union.”

Background:  Wagner Says He Doesn’t Want Workers to Know What he Makes [AP, 8/21/18]