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PA State Representative Sara Innamorato's Voting Record

PA State Representative Sara Innamorato's Voting Record

PA State Representative Sara Innamorato's Voting Record

2019 - 2020 - Voted with us 1 time out of 4
  • HB 1170 Final Passage (Act 75 of 2019) - Construction Industry Employee Verification Act to require E-Verify for ALL construction contractors, public and private - VOTED NO

  • HB 716 Final Passage (Act 85 of 2020) - Establishing a Joint Task Force on Misclassification of Employees - VOTED YES

  • HB 1100 Concurrence - Establishes a new energy and fertilizer manufacturing tax credit for the construction of new manufacturing facilities that use PA natural gas to make products - VOTED NO

  • HB 732 Concurrence - Establishes the Local Resource Manufacturing Tax Credit for the construction of new manufacturing facilities for petrochemical/PA natural gas products - prevailing wage requirement included - VOTED NO

2021 - 2022 - Voted with us 2 times out of
  • SCR 1 (Concurrent Resolution disapproving of the EQB regulation establishing a CO2 Budget Trading Program (RGGI)) - VOTED NO

  • HB 637 (Struzzi bill requiring legislative approval to enter RGGI) - VOTED NO

  • HB 952 (Tax Reform Code amendments, including new tax credits to encourage the construction of computer data centers and increasing the maximum tax credit to encourage the construction of a new petrochemical manufacturing plant - prevailing wage included) - VOTED NO

  • HB 129 (Defaults all UC appeals hearings to virtual, rather than in person) - VOTED YES

  • SB 275 (Preempts cities and municipalities from prohibiting natural gas or other energy sources) - VOTED NO

  • HB 1161 Floor Vote (Advance solar vehicle to the Senate for further negotiation) - VOTED YES

  • HB 1059 Concurrence (PA EDGE Tax Credits - Provides tax credits to new construction of hydrogen hubs, natural gas product manufacturing facilities, milk product manufacturing, and life sciences facilities - prevailing wage requirement included) - VOTED NO

  • HB 2646 Concurrence (E-Verify - increasing penalties and improving DGS enforcement of e-verify requirement for public construction contractors) - VOTED NO

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