Laborers' Build America

The Western Pennsylvania Laborers Training Center is a first class facility with the expertise to train Laborers in all the current craft skills. This training provides our signatory contractors with a competitive edge. The training staff is qualified to provide cutting edge technological skills to every apprentice and journey worker. Currently, there are 45 courses offered, covering such topics as: concrete, asbestos, scaffold building, blueprint reading, ICRA, and First Aid/CPR/AED. (Full Course Listing) All current members and active apprentices are strongly encouraged to utilize this valuable resource to better prepare themselves for future employment.

How to Schedule Training

  • Must be an active member in one of the Locals within the LDCOWPA

  • Registration for all Training Courses must be made by calling the Training Center

  • Courses are offered on a first come/first serve basis

  • All courses start promptly at 7:00 am - 3:30 pm

  • Courses are subject to change at the Training Center's discretion

New Classes

The Western Pennsylvania Laborers’ Training Center is always on the lookout for new opportunities to train it’s members.  Now, more than ever, Laborers need to have the proper training and certifications to perform their jobs.  Learning new technology is one way that you, the member, can make yourself even more of an asset to contractors looking for a skilled workforce to complete the job effectively and efficiently.

As such, we have added the following courses to the curriculum at our Training Center.

Commercial Blueprint Reading:  This 40 Hour course covers commercial print reading for both Heavy/Highway and Building Trades jobs.  This is a more intense course than our basic blueprint reading class.  Emphasis is placed on site work, structural construction, reinforced concrete construction, mechanical & electrical systems, and finish construction.  It is recommended, but not required, to have one of our basic blueprint classes first. 

Global Positioning Devices (GPS): This 40 Hour intensive course combines classroom training and extensive hands on field exercises in the principals of operation, application, and measuring techniques used in GPS Systems as well as C.O.G.O. (coordinate geometry) software functions.

Note: A passing grade of 80% on both hands on exercises and exams is needed to pass this class.

Pre-Requisites: 24 Hour Line & Grade, 24 Hour Blueprint (Heavy/Highway)

Line & Grade (Advanced): This 40 Hour, in depth course is designed to further the skills and knowledge learned in the basic 24 Hour Line & Grade class.  Topics covered include stoking procedures, curbs & gutters, and using construction instruments (level & transit) to perform field layout related to Heavy/Highway construction.  Students will be introduced to the advanced mathematics (Geometry & Trigonometry) principals needed when performing field layout and their uses as a basis in GPS Training.

Pre-Requisites: 24 Hour Line & Grade, 24 Hour Blueprint (Heavy/Highway)


Asbestos Worker Refresher is an 8-Hour course which must be taken annually by anyone who has taken the 40 Hour Asbestos Worker/Supervisor Program.  Any member missing the annual refresher must get recertified before going out to work on an asbestos project.  If a second refresher is missed, then the member must repeat the 40-Hour course.

Lead Worker Recertification is required annually by OSHA.  The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania now requires anyone working on a job which involves lead abatement to be licensed by the state.  Those workers who have taken the 40-Hour Lead Abatement Course must complete an annual refresher course.

Hazardous Waste Workers must be recertified within 15 months of the date of the original course or the date of their last refresher course.

Any questions pertaining to the eligibility or status of a member’s license for asbestos, lead or hazardous waste, should be directed to:

TRAINING CENTER 724-352-2224